Ⅰ Deadline: End of December 2021
Ⅱ Private work only
Ⅲ FULL HD, 1920 × 1080, 60fps | Maximum 15 seconds
Ⅳ Unedited video of your real-time effect
Ⅴ 1 person, 1 entry per section ( maximum two works can be submitted )
Ⅵ Original work only
Ⅶ EXPLOSION or FREE(dramatic structure of narrative)
Ⅷ No plagiarism
Ⅸ Enjoy the contest!

9 RULES Details

1 Only entries submitted before the end of December 2021 will be considered.

2 Entries must be original and unpublished, they cannot have been published to any other contests or social media sites.

3 Please submit your work as a video in the format provided.
  [1920x1080, 60fps, Within 15 seconds), [MP4 H264] or later / higher quality is recommended.

4 The video must be created in a real-time VFX tool available to the public, and rendered or captured in that state.
  (Unreal Engine/ Ember gen/Unity/Popcorn FX/BISHMAON/Sprite Studio/etc...)
  Please hide the UI and debug displays. It is also prohibited to use video editing tools to filter, trim, or connect separate cuts to create a scene.
  In principle, only unedited videos will be judged.

5  Only one entry per person per category, and it must be originally created by the applicant personally.
  You are not allowed to work in a team. 
  In addition, the use of content that is considered advertising, the use of copyrighted characters, or derivative work is also prohibited.
  Only 1 award (Including Gold) can be won even if you enter both Explosion and Free sections.

6 Entries must be created on a single PC.

7 Entries must align with the chosen section and are expected, but not required to follow narrative flow.
  For example: Anticipation, Action, Follow through. (Not just a loop).

8 Entries must be playable without problems in the environment in which it was created.
  (Nominees will be required to submit their data. In this case, the data size of the project must be 1 GB or less.)

9 All resources used (models, textures, and materials) must have been created by the applicant,
  not by specific individuals or companies.
  (The use of resources purchased from asset stores is also prohibited!)

10  If your work consists only of movies or flipbooks, it will receive a significantly lower rating.
  (It is okay to use sequentially numbered images for each element of expression.)
  Rating will also be lower for entries that display significant performance drops during real-time playback.
  Optimization is important!

11 It is prohibited to enter this contest with a work created by a third party.

12 If you have any questions about the rules and regulations, please contact the secretariat.
  Let's enjoy the contest together.
  (If it is judged that your entry does not comply with the above rules, it may be excluded from the judging process, or the award may be cancelled.)
  (Please note that the rules are subject to change without prior notice during the submission period)