Agni Flare is a Japanese company founded in 2010, mainly engaged in VFX production.

Our goal for this contest is to discover the world's VFX artists.
We want to help them realize their dreams of devoting their lives to game development.
To help those who feel like they want to work as a VFX artist that fascinates others.

In this day and age, we have the equipment, the tools, and the environment to fully express our imagination.
Now is the time for you to unleash your imagination.
We look forward to seeing you create effects that exceed people's imagination, in which your heart and soul are visible.
Also, we have put a lot of effort into training VFX artists.
We trained a large number of students and inexperienced artists, and have worked to create an organization that allows
them to play an active role on the front lines.
We make no exceptions for non-Japanese nationals either.
And we'll do everything we can to support those who would choose to leave their home countries and work elsewhere.

We sincerely hope that this contest will, through VFX, provide a great opportunity for like-minded people to connect with each other,
to express their imagination, and to realize their dreams!

WWVFX CONTEST Representative of the Steering Committee 
AGNI-FLARE CO., LTD. Representative Director