The stage is worldwide!
Let's mesmerize the world with our best VFX work!

This contest is a Real Time VFX contest that aims to
"convey the fun of VFX"
mainly to the game industry.
This contest is open to entries from all over the world.

We will be accepting submissions from students and the general public around the world.
Artists from around the world compete in VFX expression. It is an event of global scale.

By holding this contest, we hope to expand the base of people who are interested in VFX
We want to create a place where VFX artists can raise their skill level and
maintain a high level of motivation to develop their talents.

Furthermore, I hope that it will be an opportunity for new VFX expressions and challenges to be born.
The contest also seeks to find the stars of VFX artists who are the aspiration of current and aspiring VFX artists.
The idea is to boost the VFX industry as a whole.

We are looking forward to receiving your passionate entries.