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Request to Entrants (posting works)

WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021 has put together rules called
“Application Rules,” “Personal Information” and “Copyrights”
for fair and smooth operation and
screening and so that entrants in this Contest can enjoy themselves as fully as possible.
To ensure everyone can equally enjoy this Contest, please be sure to read carefully and
fully understand each and all of these rules before applying.

【Work Entry Process】

←Please download this resume and fill in the required information.

②Please check if the work submission format is according to [9rules].

③Please check the specifics of “Application Rules,” “Personal Information” and “Copyrights” below.

④After you read and agree to each rule, please prepare a “zip file” that includes the “work for entry” and the “WWVFX Work Submission Resume”.
 If you are submitting to two sections, combine the two entries into a single zip file with only one “WWVFX Work Submission Resume”.

⑤Log into the Entry Form with the orange button at the bottom of the page to submit your work, you must register with Google account.

⑥After your final check of the Entry Form contents and entering your information, upload the “zip file” into the Entry Form and click “send” button.

⑦When the Entry Form has been successfully sent, you will receive your completion email at the email address you have provided on the Form, and then the entry of your work will be completed.



【Application Rules】
■Applicant shall enter his/her work in the [WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021(“The Contest”)]  at his/her own responsibility and shall be deemed to have agreed to the Application Rules as of the time of application.


■Minors shall have their parent or guardian (legal representative) read all the rules and obtain their consent before applying.
Upon the completion of the application, the guardian’s consent shall be deemed to have been obtained.

■Expenses required for the production of works and entry to this Contest shall be fully paid by the applicant.

■Winners shall grant license free of charge and indefinitely to Agni-Flare Co., Ltd. (“Contest Organizer”) to use the award-winning work after editing and/or modification, etc. for promotional activities of the Contest Organizer and the products and services of the Contest Organizer (Official SNS account, website operated by the Contest Organizer, events, etc. hosted and/or participated in by the Contest Organizer).

■Concerning entries and personal information, screen names, etc. and part or all of the entries may be used at events, etc. for the purpose of introducing entries.

■Works that fall into any of the following categories will be disqualified for selection. In addition, if a reason for disqualification is discovered after selection, the award may be canceled.
・Works that were not originally created by the applicant,
・Works that infringe intellectual property rights including copyrights, reputation rights, credibility, portrait rights, privacy rights, or other rights of third parties,
・Works that fall under obscenity, cruelty, slander, discrimination, etc., or anything that causes discomfort to a third party,
・Works that are offensive to public order and morals,
・Works that have already been published on SNS or the Internet, published in magazines, or by any other means,
・Works that have already been commercialized or those that are planned to be commercialized,
・Any other works that the Contest Organizer has determined are inappropriate to publish

■If the award winner cannot be contacted due to reasons such as unknown information provided, inability to contact, or incomplete descriptions, all or part of the award rights may be invalidated, and we may re-select the award.
* If an applicant does not submit data, the applicant will not be nominated.

■The Contest Organizer shall not be responsible for any dispute that arises between the applicant and a third party in connection with the applicant’s application or selection for this Contest, except for in the case where the dispute is as a result of willful act or gross negligence by the Contest Organizer.

■The Contest Organizer may suspend or cancel this Contest without prior notice if deemed necessary due to system maintenance or other unavoidable reasons.

■The details of the Contest are subject to change without notice. In addition, these Application Rules may be revised at any time at the discretion of the Contest Organizer. Please check the contents of these Application Rules. In addition, if the content of the Contest is changed or the Application Rules are revised during the application acceptance period, or when the Contest Organizer deems it necessary, notification will be issued on the official website, SNS, etc. Unless otherwise specified by the Contest Organizer, the relevant changed or revised details after such notification shall be applied between all of the participants in this Contest and the Contest Organizer.

■The Contest Organizer shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or liability of whatsoever (including, but not limited to, those caused due to suspension or cancellation of this Contest) incurred by the applicant in connection with the production or entry of works or any other events related to the Contest, except when caused by the willful act or gross negligence of the Contest Organizer.

■All matters related to this Contest, including these Application Rules, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any dispute arising in relation to this Contest shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kanagawa District Court as the court of the first instance. 

 【Personal Information】
Personal information in this Section means unique information that can identify an individual by address, name, email address, other description, etc. provided by you to the Contest Organizer via the Internet, information that can identify an individual by a number or symbol that belongs to the individual, and information that cannot identify an individual by itself but can be easily matched with other information resulting in an individual being identified.


■Personal information provided to the Contest Organizer will be used within the scope of the following purposes of use, and will not be used, provided, or disclosed for purposes other than the purposes of use without consent.
<Purpose of Use>
1. Selection in this Contest, announcements and awards via mass media and website, etc.
2. Notification upon nomination, request for sending original data of work
3. Contact regarding Contest Organizer operations, confirmation of entries, questionnaire survey
4. Information on employment support services from the Contest Organizer
5. In addition, information on services from cooperating companies and subcontractor companies that have concluded nondisclosure agreements with the Contest Organizer
■However, the above does not apply if any of the following items is applicable.
1. When the consent of the personal information subject is obtained.
2. When it is necessary to disclose personal information to cooperating companies and/or subcontractor companies that have executed nondisclosure agreements with the Contest Organizer in order to carry out the above Purpose of Use.
3. When the personal information received is processed as statistical data into a state in which the individual cannot be identified.
4. When it is necessary to agree to provisions based on laws and regulations.
■If an applicant wishes to disclose, correct, or delete the content of the personal information provided to the Contest Organizer, please contact the inquiry desk.
After identity verification that confirms the person inquiring is the person referenced by the information, the information will be disclosed, corrected, or deleted within a reasonable period of time.
(We may not be able to address cases of personal information that has already been disclosed.)


The Contest Organizer has set the following rules regarding the copyright of the work received from the applicant and will handle the work with the utmost care and attention.
The following rules on copyrights shall be applicable only to video works submitted to this Contest.
* The following rules do not apply to your own copyrighted works (such as scene data and resource data) other than the submitted video works.
■If you wish to use the works submitted to this Contest in your own portfolio, the applicant is free to publish such works after the award announcement ceremony (April 1, 2022).
■Ownership and copyright to the entries [the “Copyright” (including the rights as set forth in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act)] shall belong to the Contest Organizer (Agni-Flare Co., Ltd.).
■Applicants shall not exercise their moral right regarding entries against the Contest Organizer or a third party designated by the Contest Organizer.
■If your entry is nominated, the Organizer will ask you to send original data for the work. (The Contest Organizer will contact you separately.) 
■The data of entries and personal information will be used by the Contest Organizer to provide employment support services if the applicant so desires.
■The entries can only be used in a portfolio for the applicant’s own personal activities after the contest is over. They may not be posted on other content hosted by companies, groups, or organizations, etc.
“Application Rules,” “Personal Information” and “Copyrights”
Please read these rules carefully and apply from the Entry Form at the bottom of this page.
Upon the entry of the work, applicant is considered to have agreed to the contents of each rule.
If you have any questions, please contact us at WWVFX Management office